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Friday, July 10, 2009


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WTG !already drawing blood.
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog ;).Can't beleivev Gavin is 1 year old.I remember when you first told us you were going to be an aunt.Happy Birthday to Gavin!

Jennie M

I hope you are having a great summer Jen! Hugs! :)

Jessica M.

LOL. Love you momma. And i miss you tons see you on the 9th.
And just remember i will never let you draw blood from no matter how good you are. <3
Love, Jessi

Susan (rainy)

Hi Jen! Good to see that you are well and that you've got your internet back! Yeah!

Is Gavin really a year old already?!?! Holy Smokes! Happy birthday, little guy! :)


Oh what a cutie pie that Gavin is!! I remember when you posted photos of him last year after he was born. He's gotten so big!!

Sorry I missed your anniversary- wishing you & Leon many more years of happiness!!



Way to go with all the school stuff! It sounds really exciting. I am starting classes again in the fall and I am scared out of my mind! :) We'll see how it goes!

Glad to see you are well!



Hi, Jen! Just stopping in to say Hello and hope all is going well. I remember starting IV's on each in nursing school. My nursing lab partner never graduated :P. Take care! Beth

Susan (rainy)

Hey Jen! Just dropping by to see if you have found some time to create.. I miss your wonderful designs. Hope all is going well for you and understand that life is busy. Hugs.

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