Monday, January 06, 2014


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jenn shurkus

I love your olw for the year :) looking forward to hearing more about it throughout the year :)

Jennifer Paff

Thank you so much Jenn! I am really hoping to do a much better job with the blog this year...poor thing really has been neglected! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Susan (rainy)

Jenn!! There is a comment box here today. Yeah, I can comment!! I am more of a "one little word" person, too. Last year it was "simplify" and we did. Sold our big house and gave away so much furniture and stuff... so much stuff. It is a freeing feeling! And we will continue this year to do the same. We are selling (today!) one of our condos, and have moved to a little rental while we decide about selling the little cabin we have been living in. Yes, simplify. It's good. SO looking forward to seeing your creations in the coming year!!!

Jennifer Paff

Hi Susan! Thank you so much for stopping by and trying to comment again! I thinking in all my updating this past week I must have checked the wrong box...oops! I am happy to see all is working again. :) I think your OLW "simplify" is a great one and I wish you luck with all the changes you have coming this year too!

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